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A guide to our available postal areas

As most of our products are perishable foods ie. Cheese, it has to be shipped overnight with chill packs to remain fresh, as a consequence the shipping tends to be very costly, however we have tried to keep shipping costs to a minimum and some parts of the UK cannot be reached within this time limit. For England & Wales we have kept a flat rate shipping of £6.99. (plus surcharge for Isle of Wight £7) For Scotland Yellow Zone (see map) £12.99 and Blue Zone £16.99. Pink zone give us a call for a quote. We appreciate shipping costs are a factor in your order and in our own costs, being environmentally aware, we will try to recycle packaging where possible and hope you will support us in this effort. We aim to provide the best customer experience for our shoppers so don't hesitate to contact us if you feel we can help further. Thanks

07384 339171

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Shipping Info: Store Policies
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